Friday, February 18, 2011

365 Days Of Running

Running in the Cold with a Cold ~ ugh.

Resting on Purpose


Fartlecks Kick Tail!! OUCH!!

He is So Amazing!!

I Xtrained with Jillian Michaels!!!!

Twisted Knee!! GGRRRRRRR!!!!!

Recover Day.....I'm done.

My Eye Lids won't stay up!!

I DARE YOU! Race Me! Here's How!!!

Running on Ice ~ Yikes!

Ice Angles Fight in Snow!

Running Peaches!!!! Free of Pain!!!

WhooHoo!! 3lbs Gone! Thats what I'm say'n!!

Last Sunday ~ Go Rest!

Martin Luther King ~ Move Forward!!!!

Mental War

Deer Whisperer Puddle Hunting!

Black Eyed Peas at the YMCA! Woot Woot!!

Paris Hilton ~ Are you my Friend or Sub friend??

Grit Your Teeth Kind of Sore!!


Sweet Tomato's and 65 Roses

Red Wine & Driving

Helping create change, Snow...Jacuzzi...aaahhhhh....

Gett'n My Run On!!

My Eyes Popped out of my Head!!

Steroid Jelly Belly's! Watch Out!

Ultra Running & Me Time

14 Miles, Yeah! Shaking afterwards, Crap!

Dreams Do Come True!!

Happy Valentines!! Working Out with a New Doo!!

Eye lids sweating! YUCK!

Shouting Out & Ran with an Ultra!

I Was Last