Sunday, October 31, 2010

"What a great race! The hills were mild enough not to be a struggle but rolling enough to keep the course interesting. Great participants, a wonderful atmosphere and a FUN finish line. I plan to try to do it every year!!" - MeganStanish

THAT'S CRAP! LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE!!!! Hahahaha well, about the hill part :-p

I found this post on about the Big Pumpkin Run. Let me tell you, my thighs hurt so bad, it is very painful to walk. I never have been to a race where while I was running my butt hurt! She must be like a full time runner or something :-) I had Jeremy Vlog one of those hills and I heard people say it was the first hill that about blew it for them on their time. Jeremy after the second hill had to walk. So, I'm just say'n.....Cuz he can run 5 miles without stopping.

I got up to run 10 miles but I couldn't do all 10 I simply could not because of daylight or the lack of it and time. The 1/2 Marathon is on a Sunday so I've been trying to run the long runs on Sunday's. Well, its so dark in the morning I wait till its light but it doesn't give much time till church starts. Next week is Daylight Savings Time. I think whoever thought of that was smart but people gotta run in the Morning...Ok!! :-) Oh ya. Um. I was out there all by myself for over a mile and a guy (who looked creepy) just walked out of the bushes, scared me. Um, I debated about leaving because I had a bad feeling, maybe just because he startled me. He was a bird watcher however, next week, I'm running with mace, period. No matter who's out there I won't feel creeped out, I'll be pack'n!

So, this was my thought. If I count Sat. as hill/speed day and today and a casual 5 miles then I can rest tomorrow cuz my legs are killing me then try the long day on Tue. I just want to be able to run without stopping on race day and also not to be out there for hours on end!

Boling Park
5 Miles


Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30th 2010 Running Blog

       "Next year, I'm coming back, I'm going to be fit and I'm gonna wear a Costume!" - Toni McAlister

Yes! I did it! I'm more fit and I came back in a costume!! On the back of the cape is a Superwoman logo and it blinks!! haha Fun, Fun, Fun Day!! I'm very happy too because last time I got 49:49 and this time I got 32:18!! That is my best PR EVER!!! This day is very victorious and FUN!!

    This is what I looked like last year at this same time, same place but I'm not the same!!

 We had so much fun! Jeremy did it with me and we did it with another couple Justin and April Brown :-) Afterwards we had Minces (a yogurt bar) YUMMY!! Burts of flavor in your mouth!!

While I was running it was hard because it had alot of gradual hills! I've never run a race or distance and had my butt hurt! Today was so much fun, later Jeremy and I went out to eat with another couple....can you tell we were kid less today?? haha He improved on his time by about a minute :-)

Today, I think I saw for myself, I've been processing it...I'm a different person....

Pumpkin Run
3.1 Miles

Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29th 2010 Running Blog

"An event with the word shuffle, trot, or romp in the name is very likely to be accommodation to newbies, costumed runners, and the occasional not-so-serious runner. This is also true of races with seasonal words like Turkey, Santa, or jingle bells." - Runners World

Ok so tomorrow is race day! I'm doing the Pumpkin Run haha :-) I picked up my bib # and I'm pretty set to go! I'm so excited because I did this race last year. It was my very first 5K and really what sparked me wanting to run 5Ks all the time! Anyways, it was really fun! It was raining, thundering, windy and people were out there in costumes!! I thought these people are crazy! I smile just thinking about it. Anyways, tomorrow is going to be very fun! Jeremy's going to do it with me and I invited some friends so, we'll all be doing this together :-)

Through the business of the day, I was distracted, cold and tired and skipped running. No drama just didn't.

Didn't run

Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 28th 2010 Running Blog

"When I think about running, it feels like the best 45-minute investment I make in a day. It's enjoyable, it makes me feel better, and it's probably paying dividends way into the future. Running is a really easy choice." - John Fixx, son of running legend Jim Fixx

You know, as great as October has been...I can't wait for it to be OVER!!

But I have really cool news!! Doing that bike took about 90% of the pain in my knee away. I've been feeling that for WEEKS! I was really shocked! I can't believe it! I couldn't stretch it fully out with out having I need to spend more time at the gym toning more parts of my body.

I didn't get to run today :-( had a bunch of "teenage drama" to deal with....anyways, when its all said and done, it'll be done! But I have to hold my breathe for a few days! More on this story later....

Didn't run

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27th 2010 Running Blog

"We train every day of the year under all conditions… A junior once asked me, “What would we do if there was an earthquake and the epicenter was right here?” My answer was, “Then we would run right down to the middle of the Earth!" – Maria Moniz Pereira (coach of 1984 marathon gold medalist Carlos Lopez)

That being said......because of the weather I didn't run haha I went to the Y instead ;-) I did run there on a treadmill, we all know how much I love that :-p but I also spent time on the bike, it actually felt good around my knee. My knee has been hurting really bad. Not when I run but when I rest. Like, I'll sit or rest and when I go to stand up it is soooo painful!! So, we'll see if the bike helped or made it worse or nothing.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26th Running Blog

"I don't know if I'm running or swimming its so humid" - Janet Jordan


Aaahhh the life of a runner :-) It was good, I wished my run was more fluid not as choppy but I didn't sleep all night, coughing. But I was out there, Kailah was with me.

Kailahs Awards Banquet for xcountry is tonight. Its tough though cuz Meghans Championship is at the same time and Jeremy can't get there cuz of work and I'll be with Kailah....oh well, Since these sports are from the same place, I wish they didn't schedule things to happen like this.

I'm hoping even if I walk to run a long day tomorrow!! Please!!

Boling Park
5 Miles

Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25th 2010 Running Blog

"When you don't think you can do something, sometimes things just fall together really well on race day and you totally surprise yourself. So it's worth it to put yourself out there and take some chances." - Lisa Koll, U.S. distance runner and four time NCAA Division One Champion

Today was rather odd. I'm glad I got to run, almost didn't happen. Anyways, at certain points my body wanted to give up but I pushed and it didn't. Out of nowhere, it decided it was going to walk....I just stopped and started walking this went on for a few feet and said, um no, run! So, I did and it happened again. So, I said ok. We'll do racing fartlecks! So I raced for periods at a time then walked after that I got some water sat for a moment and then was able to run (not walk) another 2 miles. So, not sure why it was like that? But I got some speed work in!

I was actually hoping to swim later but that didn't happen because the swim team was hogging the whole pool! I pay for membership and that sucked! Cuz I was hoping today would be more of a xtraining day. Who knows, maybe I can still stick in Jillian Micheals, body shred ;-)

Boling Park
5 Miles

Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24th 2010 Running Blog

"There is no daily chore so trivial that it cannot be made important by skipping it two days running." - Robert Brault

Try skipping almost a week of running! Anyways, I'm looking forward to tomorrow for its structure. Which begins by organizing tonight so tomorrow isn't so crazy overwhelming!!! That being said, I think this is the last day where my body will crash like it has been doing!! I think today's "day of rest" which was actually a CRASH is coming to an end. I finally feel rejuvenated!!

Anyways, its dark in the morning. I love running in the mornings the most but do not look forward to being in the dark. I've gotten so spoiled!! Last year, I was out there before Janet even, running in the dark with lights on the park at 7am, trying to get in 1-2 miles before my husband went to work. I had to do that so I could be back for him to take the car. It took me about 45 minutes to do three miles and thats when I was book'n it! haha I remember working up to 3 miles, it was like this huge trophy. I came home and remember this clear as day, I ran upstairs to my bedroom and Jeremy had just gotten up from bed and I said, guess! guess! what I did today?? I had one hand on my hip and with the other hand showed him 3 fingers!! I did 3! I was so excited, so wet and stripped and jumped in the shower. I held onto that day for days.....even now, it makes me want to go run! When I did that three miles, I felt like I was flying for days! There is something about doing three miles for me that is liberating!

Day of Rest (forced)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23rd 2010 Running Blog

"The great thing about xcountry is there is no "off" season" - Toni McAlister

Kailah's last race was today :-( Whats worse is I didn't get to see it!! Fortunately Jeremy was there.I was with Meghan at a Volleyball clinic that Crown paid for a scholarship. But Kailah finished her year with 27:38 which was her best all year ~ been alot of body drama ~

Anyways, I was exhausted due to the driving, came home and slept for 4 hours!! It was too dark to run and the Y was closed. We hung out with some friends around a fire pit and had smores. All in all I had a good day wrapped up in one sport or the other. Volleyball is coming to an end :-( While I love them doing their sports and everything that entails, I can feel myself needed a time out from it all. That's just one more reason I love xcountry - no off season :-)

Didn't run!

October 22nd 2010 Running Blog

"Being forced to switch around emails to fit Blogger/Googles needs suck!" - Toni

Don't know what's happening with but it will not let me into this account!! So, I don't know if I can write anymore running blogs. I got into it this time by flipping around emails on the computer. It wants my google account, if I switch it, it will not let me back into this account which the email is then it blocks it all together and wants me to start a new blog!!

Not sure what to do???

but I did do 5 miles today

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21st 2010 Running Blog

"I think training consistently over time is the way you make long-term improvement. Getting race-fit, obviously, doesn't take that long." - Mara Yamauchi, British track and road running athlete

After this week, getting back into my consistency will nice, I miss running like "real" running.

Didn't run

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20th 2010 Running Blog

"I was pushed by myself because I have my own rule, and that is that every day I run faster, and try harder.” - Wilson Kipketer

Today I broke a personal record!!  I ran a mile in 9:38 :-) The rest of the day was a blur.

One amazing thing however was my youngest turned 16!! This is the day in our family where at the age of 16 they are given a promise ring (I'll post pics later) and come into a covenant with God and our family to never give yourself away till you are married. Its a precious thing, her daddy takes her out to eat, like a daddy daughter date and she is given the ring.

1 Mile

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19th 2010 Running Blog

"Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived." - Dean Karnazes, Ultrarunner and best-selling author

I can't wait for this week to be inner peace here.

Didn't run

Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th 2010 Running Blog

"Even Mt. Everest was defeated one step at a time." - From Playmate

I can not express enough how exhausted I am. The rest of the week looks like it did today.

Didn't run

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17th 2010 Running Blog

"When people ask me why I run, I tell them, there's not really a reason, it's just the adrenalin when you start, and the feeling when you cross that finish line, and know that you are a winner no matter what place you got." - Courtney Parsons

Bad running day - went to Boling and for some reason, don't know why....there were nats everywhere, after my first mile they were in my eye, mouth and hair. I left, when I got in the car they were still on me. I don't know what had gone on there but it was like breathing dirt? Oh well, tomorrow is a new start.

Boling Park
1 Mile

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 16th 2010 Running Blog

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer." - Unknown

Dance or Dancer only God knows but tonight the girls went to their very first Homecoming Dance! They danced all night with their friends and made tons of fun memories at Kings Academy :-) They went out to eat at Provino's and I took tons of pictures of them on a beautiful was just sparkling and they looked stunning.

With Kailah having a meet early in the morning and because all of the races, distance etc I didn't get home till almost 2pm. then Homecoming in the evening.....I didn't even think about running! My thoughts had to do with bobby pins and hairspray haha it was a girly day :-)

Meghan is fifteen here she is so beautiful
Kailah is seventeen and just really pretty

Didn't run

Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15th 2010 Running Blog

"Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body." - Lynn Jennings, Nine-time champion of the USA Cross Country Championships

Yeah! :-D Yeah!! :-D Yeah!!! :-D

Nothing like achieving a personal goal!! Today I ran my neighborhood without stopping!! Its a total of four miles but until today I have NEVER been able to do it without walking and today....I DID!!

But here is the deal, there were two times I was within seconds of walking! It is just so hard! Anyways, at that moment I was fix'n to stop and something said, "Why? Give me a good reason and then you can stop, because you can still breathe, your legs hurt but they've hurt worse before and you've had less energy before, why? So...this quote came to my mind. My mental will needed to, I shifted gears a little tried to just move forward and mentally focus on not walking. So, it happened a second time but then I started thinking that this is about working out my mind. There were just parts of it where I was like coaching myself in my mind.

Now, I'm in training to run a marathon right? Well, I'm gonna count this as interval day. These hills are no joke and I know hills help you increase your speed so, I'm switching it out. I normally would have not done this because I would have gone to Boling and worked on them, but like Micheal Johnson said, ""Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity." So, this was my opportunity!! I didn't have a car, I couldn't drive to Boling so instead I ran here, in doing so I got my goal! I can now check that one off my list!!


Taylors Farm
4 Miles

Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14th 2010 Running Blog

"Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity." - Michael Johnson

In and out of the car all day so I didn't get to run :-(

But man! The pressure is on now! Just found out as much driving as I do its going to be added 4x more!! We only have the Van now and so now on top of everything I have to, school, college test, dentist, eye Dr., dogs shots, homecoming, sports (games and practices), jaFellows, horse stables, Football game, Meghan's birthday....gggrrrrr....I have to drive Jeremy back and forth to work and he works in Atlanta!! Ok so, there better be a great opportunity in this somewhere or I'm gonna be MAD!!

Didn't run

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13th 2010 Running Blog

"No time outs, no half time, no substitutions, Welcome to my world." - Unknown Xcountry Runner

haha I quote that and follow with - I rested today... haha oh well, I gave myself a time out today :-) My legs are doing much better. Just walking up and down stairs is a pain in the calves, hamstring and thighs! haha thought I was gonna say butt, well, ok. walking up and down stairs is a pain in the butt too!!

Day of rest

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12th 2010 Running Blog

"Oh how I long to be with you, how I long to be with you, how I long to be with you.....right here in your presence, knowing you are God, here in this very moment ,is where I want to be and oh, how I long to be with you how I long to be with you, how I long to be with you, how I long to be with you...." - Amber Lawson

ok. I did 8!! Yeah!! It was a weird 8 but it was 8 !!

I walked the first mile with my friend Rachal, she's new to all this. After the second mile I stopped to stretch out my calves they were totally knotting up in pain, then I felt like a perfect runner! My body felt really good. But what is interesting is this song kept playing in my spirit and I didn't even realize it. I was totally focused on my body. I didn't want to push anything. Then out of nowhere I realized my spirit was singing. This is mile #3 and so I began to listen and then started (in my mind) singing the rest of it because I only hear the first part for miles. It said, "oh how I long to be with you, how I long to be with you, how I  long to be with you.....(then after relizing something special was happening I finished out the second part) ....right here in Your presence, knowing You are God, here in this very moment is where I want to be and oh how I long to be with You, how I long to be with You how I long to be with You...." its real pretty music and slow and we sing it in church and we sang it Sunday. I didn't think of that song at all since Sunday. Do you know I heard that off and on for the rest of the six miles and I felt like I was carried like a breeze it totally didn't feel like I was running 8 miles, more like 3. So, I've thought about it through out the day. What if it was like God singing to me? Cuz all I heard for miles was the first part.

I just felt today was almost not real, I kept questioning...did I really run 8 miles?? I was out there for 2 hours....I love today. But once again, as soon as I stopped my legs started hurting really bad so I'm not going to run tomorrow. Not sure what it is but running is too important for me to be sitting out because I over pushed myself. It important because its a way where I go with God more than just communication but comunion with Him.

Boling Park
8 Miles

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11th 2010 Running Blog

"Pain is nature's way of telling you that you are still alive." - Unknown


I'm not sure exactly what it was but it feels like in both calf's and behind my knee and the sides of my knee I pulled muscles, seriously in pain! I live in a house with stairs, I'm in pain. It when I got to stand up or walk, my legs feel like charlie horses I can't stand up straight.

Daisy only weighs 20lbs. going up those hill holding her... to me seemed like nothing. I'm really shocked at how they feel. The pain in my upper knee I've never felt before its sharp and its in both knees. I'm not worried I know that this is muscles that haven't been used but it hurts alot!!

Well, no matter what I feel like tomorrow, if I have to stroll I'm going to Boling.

Didn't run

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 10th 2010 Running Blog

“Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.” - Dag Hammarskjold

I hiked up Kennesaw Mountain today, nothing to cheer over per say because I was SUPPOSED TO RUN 8 MILES!! But it didn't happen. Even so, about this time last year I couldn't walk that mountain and it was the longest mile I ever walked. I had to just stop and sit and it took forever!! This time though it didn't seem like nothing! I was carrying my dog at times, I was just just thinking we have soooo looong to go but then suddenly we were at the top! I'm telling you, this seemed like a mile that was miss marked because it wasn't that long at all. I was telling Jeremy how amazed I was that it seemed like nothing to get to the top. In my mind I was expecting to take forever and be out of breath and have to stop and in pain but it wasn't like that at all, it was a nice easy walk with friends and family. I could totally call this a xtraining day. I took it very slow because I had my dogs and I was with friends but I walked up to the top and back. And even though I took it slow it was fast, if that makes sense? It was a lovely walk but by the time I got home I was spent. Its a very steep walk so thats why periodically I had to carry my little Daisy because she's a little old lady and sometimes had to stop, I was taught to "respect your elders" haha anyways, it was a little challenging when I had to carry her.

However there were a number of reasons why I didn't do 8 miles and non of which are acceptable to me. Which I think the main part had to do with not getting fully rested from being sick before I started running again. I also was very stressed out last week for many, many, many reasons and totally over booked my days and so Jeremy had to step in because I totally crashed last night! Without going into a bunch of detailed drama it boils down to - Toni didn't take care of Toni -

I did have fun today! I made friends with strangers ;-) and we walked together I got to know a little about them and that is always nice. If its not clear by now, I am a people person :-) Meghan and our friend were walking and there was a pretty large snake that went passed them she screamed and a man came and picked it up! The snake bit him! He still carried it to let it loose in the woods! Lord have mercy, some people don't have any sense! Then there are people like me who turn around and take pictures of it haha anyways.... it was a wacky situation that's for sure!!
                                                           That isn't a baby snake!!

Notice the Blood on his hand!!

I know I'm supposed to be training for the marathon but I'm getting this strong urge to back off for a day. I have had a headache off and on all day everyday since last Monday. We'll see how this sleep goes but waking up to a splitting! So thats pretty much the in's and out's for the day and I'm ready to sleep.

Kennasaw Mountain
2 Miles

Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9th 2010 Running Blog

"Eat.  Run. Sleep. Repeat." -

Neeeed Sleeeep.....

Day of Rest - NOT!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8th 2010 Running Blog

"8:00PM…. You have miles to go before you go to sleep." - Marathonsweetheart Blog

Today was great because I had a great victory!! I was not home all day.... ALL DAY! Anyways, I left dressed in my running garb. and throughout the day I tried to run. Didn't happen, Didn't happen, Didn't happen....finally! In the Dark at JJBiellow I did racing miles. Probably the best time I have had yet on running 3 miles but man! I was so nervous I wasn't gonna make it that when I had a little opportunity to run I snagged it! I was running around a soccer field with family's and lights and so even though it was "dark" it was lit up pretty good and I felt safe. I feel good (tired) about my miles so thats all that matters.... for now ;-)

JJBiellow Park
3 Miles

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7th 2010 Running Blog

"I think I get used to, even addicted to, the feelings associated with the end of a long training run. I love feeling empty, clean, worn out, starving, and sweat-purged. I love the good ache of muscles that have done me proud. I love the way a cold beer tastes later that afternoon. I love the way my body feels light and sinewy." - Kristin Armstrong, Author and runner

ok.....if you're feeling like that and you didn't run....its cuz your sick! I feel like that and didn't run :-(

Sick Day

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6th 2010 Running Blog

"There are those that are just out to get a letter. These are the ones that finish a race and go sit down and joke around with friends. Then there are those that are out for the love of running. They are the ones that you will see finishing up a race and then going for another 2-3 mile run. After the run, then they will joke around with friends, but probably while standing." - Xprint

Interesting day. I felt ok, a little sluggish but nothing that a good run couldn't fix. I was supposed to do a 5 mile tempo run. I started running and for 3 miles my body fought itself, that is the only way can describe my legs going and my upper body resisting even leaning backwards? When I was running I felt like I did several miles when I got out of the car I was limping in pain as if I did 10!! So, of course I'm scrambling in my head, why this is all happening, it can't be because I walked for 2 hours the day before....then it occurs to me! A few days ago I was feverish, thinking it was brought on my stress but today Jeremy came home from work early. Now, he never does that! Its against the rule book of Jeremy - no sick days! Anyways, I most likely because of the way my body is aching got a touch of something but nothing a little NyQuil can't fix, one pill go to bed wake up fine :0)

Boling Park
3 Miles

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5th 2010 Running Blog

`"The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must handle the pain with strategy...It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed." - Jacqueline Gareau, 1980 Boston Marathon champ

My days are running into each other and I'm behind on Everything!! I feel as if I'm scrambling around and running is the last thing on my list. It starts at the top and then as the days moves on it drops, or thats how I feel about it anyway. So, sometimes I get to but lately it hasn't happened. I was hoping to sneak off and get to the gym but it didn't happen.

I DID have a good walk today. Spent some quality time with a friend of mine out at Boling Park and she loved it! Yeah! I'm puzzled at who wouldn't? I didn't realize we were out in the woods for 2 hours!! I had to take that as a day of xtraining because the rest of my day was absolutely stuffed!! Anyways, all in all it was a lovely day, but now it is time for bed, yawn....

Boling Park
2 Hours Walking

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 5th 2010 Running Blog

“I was born to be a runner. I simply love to run. It's almost like the faster I go, the easier it becomes.” - Mary Decker Slaney

:-) I was born a runner and in denial hahaha I'm more along the lines of the longer I go the easier it becomes :-)

Today was a "Rest/Xtraining Day" it was also a crappy day. I did get in a 1/2 Hour of swimming and thats pretty much all that got done. The day ended with a slight fever and a bad headache.

30min. Swim laps

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 3rd 2010 Running Blog

"To improve your form, you need to teach yourself how to relax. Because your hands and forearms control relaxation, focus on your hands to reduce tension during a run." - Ned Frederick, biomechanist at Exter Reserch, Inc

Ya, so I don't know what the deal is but my hands and fingers tingle. Its like my hands fall asleep and it has that prickling pain, trying to wake up? Anyways, I'll start working on be relaxed while I run.

Boling Park
7 Miles - 1:22

Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2nd 2010 Running Blog

"I'm going to go out a winner if I have to find a high school race to win my last race."   - Johnny Gray

Let me tell you, these guys on Crown Athletics xcountry team....will keep you racing!!

Day of Rest

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st 2010 Running Blog

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" - Jeremiah 29:11

This is how I started my day, I woke up with this verse being spoken in my spirit, a word that God was speaking to me. Waking up with scripture being said to you is quite lovely. He was telling me that all my worries, having to do with the girls moving on to college and all that is entailed with that to have peace because He is taking care it.

That being said, I went running. Today I was supposed to do a warm up, race for a mile, stop and race for a mile again then cool down. It literally was about as hard as Monday. My heart was beating out of my chest! I felt so good about this run, short and hard. But I did four miles all together because I ended up walking around taking pictures of Boling Park. It was a soft breezy day, I didn't want to leave.

A touch of Fall is in peeking through ;-)

Its so cool when you're running and leaves are falling all around you, just floating...

Here are a couple of the older men who encourage me when I run by them. When I first started they were faster than me!!

If you run around this pasture four times you've actually ran over five miles, I look forward to it, now you know why!

Didn't get a picture of a deer this time but that turtle was neat to see!

Boling Park
4 Miles