Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6th 2010 Running Blog

"There are those that are just out to get a letter. These are the ones that finish a race and go sit down and joke around with friends. Then there are those that are out for the love of running. They are the ones that you will see finishing up a race and then going for another 2-3 mile run. After the run, then they will joke around with friends, but probably while standing." - Xprint

Interesting day. I felt ok, a little sluggish but nothing that a good run couldn't fix. I was supposed to do a 5 mile tempo run. I started running and for 3 miles my body fought itself, that is the only way can describe my legs going and my upper body resisting even leaning backwards? When I was running I felt like I did several miles when I got out of the car I was limping in pain as if I did 10!! So, of course I'm scrambling in my head, why this is all happening, it can't be because I walked for 2 hours the day before....then it occurs to me! A few days ago I was feverish, thinking it was brought on my stress but today Jeremy came home from work early. Now, he never does that! Its against the rule book of Jeremy - no sick days! Anyways, I most likely because of the way my body is aching got a touch of something but nothing a little NyQuil can't fix, one pill go to bed wake up fine :0)

Boling Park
3 Miles

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