Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30th 2010 Running Blog

       "Next year, I'm coming back, I'm going to be fit and I'm gonna wear a Costume!" - Toni McAlister

Yes! I did it! I'm more fit and I came back in a costume!! On the back of the cape is a Superwoman logo and it blinks!! haha Fun, Fun, Fun Day!! I'm very happy too because last time I got 49:49 and this time I got 32:18!! That is my best PR EVER!!! This day is very victorious and FUN!!

    This is what I looked like last year at this same time, same place but I'm not the same!!

 We had so much fun! Jeremy did it with me and we did it with another couple Justin and April Brown :-) Afterwards we had Minces (a yogurt bar) YUMMY!! Burts of flavor in your mouth!!

While I was running it was hard because it had alot of gradual hills! I've never run a race or distance and had my butt hurt! Today was so much fun, later Jeremy and I went out to eat with another couple....can you tell we were kid less today?? haha He improved on his time by about a minute :-)

Today, I think I saw for myself, I've been processing it...I'm a different person....

Pumpkin Run
3.1 Miles

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  1. Ok, I want you to wear this outfit Monday morning at the track! :) HAHAHAHAHA!! Just kidding!! I'm proud of you! :)