Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27th 2010 Running Blog

"We train every day of the year under all conditions… A junior once asked me, “What would we do if there was an earthquake and the epicenter was right here?” My answer was, “Then we would run right down to the middle of the Earth!" – Maria Moniz Pereira (coach of 1984 marathon gold medalist Carlos Lopez)

That being said......because of the weather I didn't run haha I went to the Y instead ;-) I did run there on a treadmill, we all know how much I love that :-p but I also spent time on the bike, it actually felt good around my knee. My knee has been hurting really bad. Not when I run but when I rest. Like, I'll sit or rest and when I go to stand up it is soooo painful!! So, we'll see if the bike helped or made it worse or nothing.



  1. I like this quote! I'm going to use it as my profile status! :)

  2. ;-) I'm glad, I thought of you reading it ;-)