Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29th 2010 Running Blog

"An event with the word shuffle, trot, or romp in the name is very likely to be accommodation to newbies, costumed runners, and the occasional not-so-serious runner. This is also true of races with seasonal words like Turkey, Santa, or jingle bells." - Runners World

Ok so tomorrow is race day! I'm doing the Pumpkin Run haha :-) I picked up my bib # and I'm pretty set to go! I'm so excited because I did this race last year. It was my very first 5K and really what sparked me wanting to run 5Ks all the time! Anyways, it was really fun! It was raining, thundering, windy and people were out there in costumes!! I thought these people are crazy! I smile just thinking about it. Anyways, tomorrow is going to be very fun! Jeremy's going to do it with me and I invited some friends so, we'll all be doing this together :-)

Through the business of the day, I was distracted, cold and tired and skipped running. No drama just didn't.

Didn't run

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