Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25th 2010 Running Blog

"When you don't think you can do something, sometimes things just fall together really well on race day and you totally surprise yourself. So it's worth it to put yourself out there and take some chances." - Lisa Koll, U.S. distance runner and four time NCAA Division One Champion

Today was rather odd. I'm glad I got to run, almost didn't happen. Anyways, at certain points my body wanted to give up but I pushed and it didn't. Out of nowhere, it decided it was going to walk....I just stopped and started walking this went on for a few feet and said, um no, run! So, I did and it happened again. So, I said ok. We'll do racing fartlecks! So I raced for periods at a time then walked after that I got some water sat for a moment and then was able to run (not walk) another 2 miles. So, not sure why it was like that? But I got some speed work in!

I was actually hoping to swim later but that didn't happen because the swim team was hogging the whole pool! I pay for membership and that sucked! Cuz I was hoping today would be more of a xtraining day. Who knows, maybe I can still stick in Jillian Micheals, body shred ;-)

Boling Park
5 Miles

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