Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8th 2010 Running Blog

"8:00PM…. You have miles to go before you go to sleep." - Marathonsweetheart Blog

Today was great because I had a great victory!! I was not home all day.... ALL DAY! Anyways, I left dressed in my running garb. and throughout the day I tried to run. Didn't happen, Didn't happen, Didn't happen....finally! In the Dark at JJBiellow I did racing miles. Probably the best time I have had yet on running 3 miles but man! I was so nervous I wasn't gonna make it that when I had a little opportunity to run I snagged it! I was running around a soccer field with family's and lights and so even though it was "dark" it was lit up pretty good and I felt safe. I feel good (tired) about my miles so thats all that matters.... for now ;-)

JJBiellow Park
3 Miles

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