Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rookie Vlogger ~ Eppic Fail

"The race does not always go to the swift but to those who keep running" - Unknown

Well?? I had a wonderful run. Yeah! That being said, I accidentally deleted it and that is such a bummer because I had a great running story in it!!

I, on camera said this quote but I've been some what discouraged with my running because of how "un-swift" I am. I flippantly said, "I wish I could run with someone who is faster than me so I can keep up like on a steady basis" During my run, a guy who's like over 60 showed up who I hadn't seen in months! He ran a mile with me when I was training for a Marathon and had to run 10 miles and so my body just wanted to stop and 2 different times it did! It was like I can not move forward anymore! And I would panic and say to have to! Move! Well, he saw I was having a hard time and asked how many miles are you doing and I said 10. Do you know he ran a mile with me to help me!! What a nice man :-)

 Anyways, on my 5th mile which should have been my hardest, he again ran it out with me! God is so good! I told him while I was running about my Youtube Channel. He didn't even know what Youtube was haha anyways, he agreed to be video taped with me for my show. He talked about how he was in the military  and has been running for 25 years....It was GREAT footage!! What a wonderful story too!! Then I got home and accidentally deleted it!! Can you believe that!!! Oh well, I'm sure thats not the only great story that will happen in my running life but that stinks it got erased???

I was really frustrated by it and then I thought you know what? God had that guy meet me there and run a mile with me. God could have stopped it from being happened anyway!! So, I've learned over the years when you try really hard at something and this kind of thing happens, its for a reason!! Sooooo....I'm at peace with that but I did run better with someone. Um, it was a neat day today :-)

Boling Park
5 Miles

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