Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12, 2010 Running Blog

"Run rested not restless" - Chris Norton (a runner)

You know sometimes you just need to go with the flo.....the flo wasn't running today but I have peace. I spoke with a friend and she seemed to think I was striving a little bit about going out and getting my runs in an that isn't the best method to use. She said, run rested on restless....meaning have peace before you go so you can go and do it well. I hugged her and felt good about moving on :-) Then it started spitting ice snow and the wind was really whipping hard. I thought I panic because its gonna be one more day of no running or do I breathe and have peace that when I do run again it will be a good one? I choose peace. The rest of my day was so busy it wasn't until after 10pm that I actually got to sit down :-)

Didn't thats ok....

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