Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14th 2010 Running Blog

"I decided to go for a little run." - Forrest Gump

I wanted to see what would happen if I ran and didn't stop till my body made me. Before, it was about achieving a number. Today was about seeing how far my body would last. The main reason for that was because I was reading all sorts of material and asking various runners how to do alot of miles. Things sorta got jumbled in my head so I thought, "What is Toni capable of?" Even I didn't know.

Basically, God and I had a long talk today because I ran 9.75 miles!! I know it seems silly not to run that extra .25 but towards the end my knee's started hurting and I wasn't gonna cause damage for the sake of a # BUT this is the most huge thing I've ever done in running!!

Boling Park
9.75 Miles Yeah!!!


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  2. Thank you so much :-) I can't wait to run tomorrow!! Yeah!!