Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th 2010 Running Blog

"You can't do the work of the Lord and not be blessed." - Robert Moore

Ok. so here's the deal. Today's run was awful. My legs felt like they were attached to bricks. It was hard to lift them. On top of that my left foot was throbbing!! I had to sit to shake off the pain. I stopped at three miles. I was feeling rather crummy about it, trying to scramble around in my brain, "what in the heck happened?" What happened next turned my little frown up side down :-)

I sat next to this elderly gentlemen (well over 70) named Robert Moore. He was kind and friendly and we started talking about running. I told him that my feet dictated to me how many miles I could do and it only came to three. He smiled and shared with me why he can't run having to do with his knee's. Well, of course I had to ask...."can I pray for your knee?" He didn't mind at all and so I did. I asked for a miracle, new cartilage and bone and tendons and muscle's and nerves...I just asked for everything and spoke that there would be no more pain in Jesus name. When I was done he smiled and said, "You can't do the work of the Lord and not be blessed." Then he said, "I love to hear a good testimony, wanna hear a story?" I said yes of course and he went on to tell me miracle after miracle that God had done for him in his lifetime....he laughed and said, "at some point I just stopped counting." I just want to share a couple because his testimonies changed my outlook for the rest of the day.

When he was a child he couldn't breathe, had real bad asthma. He was only getting 1hr of sleep at night, very sick. Someone came and told his mom about a revival happening at a little church and said you should probably bring your son. She did. The preacher asked him, "boy whats wrong with you?" he replied, "I can't breathe" The Preacher looked him in the eyes and said, "son, the Lord wants you to know, you'll never have a breathing problem again."

Robert looked at me and said that was over 70 years ago and smiled.

He told me another story about after a heart surgery he got up an moved too much and started bleeding. They couldn't get ahold of the Dr. and no nurse knew exactly what to do because it was internal they thought he may have ripped open his incisions. He asked a little tiny black nurse to pray. He said it was the most beautiful prayer he had ever heard. He said suddenly a bright light filled the room. It was so bright he had to shut his eyes in that moment the bleeding stopped. Then the light left. The Dr. came and he said he couldn't find the source of the bleeding and since the bleeding had stopped it was going to be ok.

He looked at me and said, you know, Moses couldn't look upon the face of God. I believe that's who that was.

At some point he had an ulcer and he said, "it was very painful" It was so painful he went to church and was going to leave because he couldn't take the pain anymore. So he told God, "I'm sorry. This is too painful if this doesn't stop I'm gonna have to go." He got the biggest smile ever and said, "Do you know what happened next? The choir started singing, Standing on the Promises of God!" Then there was no more pain.

I like Robert Moores smile. All these stories just touched my heart because I took a moment and thought, wow....God is so kind. He doesn't just rule the Universe, He's such a loving Father.

Boling Park
3 miles, I'm blessed :-)