Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th 2010 Running Blog

"Excuses, Excuses....Suck it up!" - Dee Stout (my mom)

Sun Block is all well and good but it sux when you're running and sweat causes it to drip in your eyes. Needless to say my eyes were burning! Probably need to get a visor instead :-( However, if everything goes as planned, I'll be doing weights tonight to strengthen my upper body. That will at least make me feel like I did some real training!

Boling Park
3 Miles


  1. Have you tried the Sport sunscreens?

  2. Thanks Toni, that was great for you to open up like that. It was just a guy. I was in a spiritual frame of mind. I handed him the $20 thought of the verse in Hebrews "be kind unto strangers as many have entertained angels unawares" and got goose bumps all over. I knew. I needed it too, cause I was sooooo low. :)

    Keep it up Toni!! you are doing great!!

  3. Lisa - no, it was baby sunscreen. Feel like a dork!

    Steve - thanx. I need a day where I can just run. Those are my favorite haven't been able to have one of those, so I kind of feel like I'm a quitter or something, ggrrrr....

    but thanx, you are encouraging :-)