Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24th 2010 Running Blog

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” - Helen Keller quotes

Wow. Well, I didn't run today, ya. Sorta bummed about that, one reason is cuz I'm ready to get back to the way things were before the Dash. I woke up this morning all stiff, sore and scraped a bit so I thought well, I'll run later. Never happened. I actually got dressed and went all the way out there. Had a little lunch with the girls photo club friends and looked at the trail and said, not today. Just was totally zonked. Went home and slept for hours. Ok, whine is now over!

I'm gonna post a Vlog on my day yesterday, it otta be fun cuz it was fun!

Ok. This course was hard! There were points while I was "training" for this wondered, "Is this really necessary?" looking back...YES!! Holy cow, I just wasn't in shape for that kind of thing! But next year I will be:-) This is the deal. I would call it the "Warrior Mud Dash" throughout the whole thing the ground was like slushy, sticky mud. we saw so many peoples shoes they left stuck in the mud! I wore the wrong shoes! I wore my old ones the ones I first started running in. I brought those cuz I knew they were having a shoe donation of muddy shoes so why not. Well, they were slick the whole time. I kept slipping a falling. There were times I slipped so high I landed on my back or butt..OUCH!! However, it was funny :-D It seemed like the more I tried not to fall the more I did! I did get over the wall that I was so nervous about but climbed it, there were three walls. Which is ok! I got over!! They had us 2 times run through long stretches of lakes and you'd be running at knee high and then suddenly the water was to your shoulders, its hard to focus getting to the end when your cracking up laughing. Imagine being around all these people who are doing the same thing. I'm bad about laughing at people getting hurt. We did have to run on planks through the water and it was slimy so ya, fell off those a few times. There were parts of the lake where you had to get over logs, well, when you tried it would roll you back the opposite way so it seemed forever trying to get out of there. We went through the long barrel tunnels I thought that was funny cuz I was video taping Jeremy and the view was so funny to me. We jumped over the cars but we were soaking wet so it was more like climbing over them. I climbed up like rope ladders or something? It was high, very nervous when I saw how steep it was on the other end. Cuz I had to climb back down! They had these wood walls type thing and you couldn't climb it so you had to use ropes...thus explains my blisters!! The fire was higher than what the add showed, I have pics of those too! Ok now the real mud...geez..There was this hill and I went to run down it...not a good was actually a mud slide and I flipped on my backside instantly, the more I tried to stop the more I got scratched so, Note to Self- dumb idea! Well, that led into mud where you'd step in and sink till almost your knees and you were caked with mud! But then! there was a ditch I didn't see and I fell right into the mud lake!! Mud was now (just alittle) in my mouth! All up in my ears on my nose in my hair...there was NO avoiding it! That's the part that was under barbwire!! Ok. now this is what was really shocking. The fire! I thought it would be a little thing you jumped over no big deal. However, it was higher like the mounds and the fire alot higher than that. It was at the very end so its really hard (when your not in shape) to jump over that!! Defiantly felt the heat!! We crossed the finish line together! Loved that, got our stuff and sat! haha! I'm going next year!! I'm bringing all the friends I can! Hopefully by next year...I'll be able to keep up at least!! Hosing off never felt so good!!

Did not run

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