Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8th 2010 Running Blog

"Find a new trail, a different town, a place you've never been before to run." - Jason Karp, Ph.D., coach and exercise physiologist

Saturdays are always up in the air. Never planned or scheduled, we just do Saturdays but we never really know what the "do" is? Unless however, we race! Other than that...never know what'll happen on that day.

Well, everything that happened today was somehow a reason I couldn't run. I ended up babysitting little kids from EARLY morning to after lunch. I took them to a new running trail. It had a park thought I could knock out two birds with one stone ;-) Nope! I had totally forgotten what it was like to have little kids! So, we walked the dogs and played at the park, but dang it! I wanted to run so bad! I knew about this park but never ran in it or anything...I didn't run then. They must of renovated it cuz it looked so awesome! Very excited about going back :-D
I thought Boling Park they were having an Indian Nation Pow Wow so I thought I'll go there this evening when everything is ending and go run there, nope its closed to runners and walkers for the whole week end. Thats ok I'm all for heritage stuff and we hung out there watching them do cerimonial dances but once again I was like dang it!
Had little other odds and ends throughout my day I needed to take care of so...nope, didn't run today. But I'm still happy about finding new trails to run! Ha! I'm already planning in my head how I'm gonna run them hehe :-)

Oh you know what else was funny? I got dressed in my running clothes waiting to run all day haha, I guess if I sleep in them I'll be ready to roll out of bed and run, now that sounds like a Plan!!

Didn't Run

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  1. sleeping in your running clothes. lol. Days off are not bad, you will be stronger today, so hope today is a good one for you.