Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27th 2010 Running Blog

"You are Free! I am Free! I am Free to Run!! I am Free to Run!! Freedom in in your head freedom in your heart freedom in your mind freedom in your emotions freedom in every area of your life! Freedom through the Blood Freedom through the Word Freedom through your body Freedom comes through your spiritual family it comes through the Presence of God! The price has been paid!" - News Boys

I am FREE!! I am HEALED!! I am FREE to RUN!! I Can do all things through Christ who strengthen me! Jesus is King!! I am FREE!! God is a supernatural God and loves us so much that He will use supernatural measures to let us function in a way where only He can make happen. And if you didn't already know...He loves to Run!! I have NEVER experienced this in my entire life!! Jesus is King!!

I don't know why this happened but it did. I came down with a migraine...its 100% Painful! I was dizzy, my body was achy, could barely see, eyes burning, It wasn't barely even bright outside and i was wearing sun glasses, Kailah had to drive, head pounding like a hammer was knocking my head around, weak, felt SUCKED!! It made me angry!! I was Livid!! I almost didn't go, but I was so ticked I decided to go even if I was in pain. I figured well....I'm already in pain, might as well go run, cuz at least it will give me a reason to pass out when I get home....guys, migraines hurt BAD!! You wanna Puke! Or, drug yourself so you will pass out!! I asked Kailah to run, I was even ok with slowly walking but this thing was NOT going to stop me! If Kailah was with me I figured if anything bad happens she will be there...this was a no joke situation. I hope that gives you an indication of how Mad I was!!

She had her ipod. I looked at her and asked if I could listen to it cuz maybe it may stop the sound of the pounding in my head, don't understand that logic but that's what I asked. She was like sure. Took a couple steps and heard this was starting out very loud, then suddenly ALL PAIN WAS GONE!! ALL OF IT!! THERE WAS NO PAIN!! THEN...THEN...a BURST of energy (that is all I know how to explain it) Exploded within me! And I took off!! I RAN! Like I Ran the Entire Time!! I Ran and Ran and Ran like I was flying!! I had sooo much energy I lifted my hands running and said loudly, "Jesus is King! I am Free!" At one point Kailah started laughing cuz I danced and ran at the same time! Not in a mocking way but in an excited way! Kailah is Amazing! On mile #2 I just kept saying it and worshiping God! I am Free! Know what? I ran so fast I out ran Kailah!! I ran so fast!

Do you know how fast I ran?? I ran 3 Miles in 25 MINUTES!! Kailah was in shock, I was in shock! Ahhahaha :-D I was WET! I was SOAKING WET!! My clothes were Soaked! But I was no longer in Pain! Because of His wounds I am free! Jesus is KING! I know it was the Spirit of God that bursted in me and I felt the Presence of God all around me and there was JOY!! And I Lord Loves to Run! hahaha We are Free!! There is Freedom in Christ!!

There is no doubt in my mind that what happened out there was a supernatural experience from God! I am in shock! When I was done I just started crying. Sometimes when I feel the presence of God I am moved to tears because He is so precious and loving....and that is simply how I react. I've gotta say this....

God is an amazing Father and has guided me in this and Jeremy has so gone beyond supporting me, even if it meant he would become a runner and run along side me whispering encouraging words and Dan (my father in law) you know where I come from, you know my past, and have cheered me the whole way because you are a runner, you get it! And friend....has mentored me in this journey and was there when I ran my first mile without stopping, and was there when I ran my 2nd mile without stopping and always...always gives me a thumbs up and its like air pushing me from behind ~ Thank you, I love all you guys and this experience has taught me I am no longer bound, I am free!

God has given me many friends who encourage me and I have to say as well this too, sometimes that encouragement made me not give up when I wanted to quit.

Jesus is King and I am Free!
Boling Park
3 Miles

(I did do 2 in the morning but quit cuz it was too hot so I don't count it)

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