Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st 2010 Running Blog

"If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn’t run hard enough" - Steve Jones

This was my life today, haha sorta kinda ;-)

Today I was in a mega determination mode. I told Jeremy I didn't want him to wait for me and to run for real because I was going to run with him. In my mind I was totally going to do that, run my guts out expecting to fall over at 1/4th of a mile, (seriously.) I want to increase my speed for the Warrior Dash, so I won't hold him back. But inside I really thought I will fall over cuz I can't take that but that would be ok cuz it was a building block for me. Well, do you know what?? I totally went the whole way running!! At one mile I did stop to gasp for air but then started running again! There were times he was way ahead and I stopped to breathe but then I'd run harder to catch up with him :-)

haha now get this, I didn't know there was a race going on. We were running and about a 1/2 mile into it I started noticing markers. I thought, "thats odd? Maybe there is a race tomorrow?" Nope. About a mile after that, a group of people came from the woods running like all get out! I thought, "Man! They are good!" A little bit after that a huge group of people came out too. In the meantime I'm staying focused on Jeremy's feet. I would step as he stepped so our legs were insync. At one point I was wheezing...finally I could see the end and I picked up the pace so we were running together then around the bend towards the finish line I jetted! Totally beating him! He said later he let me...BOLOGNA!! Then here is where I start to I started to try to run so I could get my feet under me cuz my body was falling forward?? My whole body was shaking and I'm trying to lift my head and my feet up under me so I don't fall over. It was like suddenly there was no lower part of Toni, couldn't feel nothing?!?! So I'm looking around to get to Jeremy, he's too far behind and I'm like oh God! So I try to stumble to this guy so I don't fall on my face (scared & getting embarrassed.) Then right before I hit I was able to stand, very wobbly but I could lift up. So I did try my very hardest!! Thank God my face didn't hit the ground! I kept thinking please don't let my knee caps hit the ground...PLEASE!! But somewhere in all that I ended up in a race :-) No one can "hit me with a board" that's for dang sure!!

I also found out afterwards there was a running club out there too! I had wondered, did I feel their energy or something? Then I thought whatever! I kept up with Jeremy! Hahaha!! Yeah!! This day finally, I need to beat him all the way MuHuHuHaHa (evil grin... squinty eyes...wringing my hands...) haha, I love it! Anyways, when I was able to compose myself, I met the leaders of the group and I'm gonna join them!! I'm so happy about that! Jeremy and I are going to join, we've been looking for a running group for a while now, we're trying to surround ourselves with other runners. The group is called, "Foothills Running Club." Oh and you know what else? Whoever organized this race didn't do a very good job in marking it or laying it all out cuz ALOT of the runners didn't know where to go and were asking us. We saw runners going in all kinds of places. I knew that bunches of them did go the wrong way. But this all explains why there were so many cars in the parking lot :-)

Boling Park
3 Miles