Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13th 2010 Running Blog

"To get to the finish line, you'll have to try lots of different paths." - Amby Burfoot

You know, I know this seems way odd but I'm switching things just a little for a few more days. I've been taking fitness classes and what not at the local gym. The reason being is I wanted to prepare for the Warrior Dash on the 23rd of this month. See, Jeremy can totally out run, out lift, jump and climb etc. than me. However, I can beat him in miles any day of the week. Even so, I don't want to hold him back during the race. This race is totally just for fun but he is competitive enough that he doesn't want to just wait around, for me (I think?) Does that make sense? Anyways, I figured I have a seven day pass, I'll use it up and try to workout other parts of my body to get ready for this. So I've been doing alot of things that have to do with upper body weights/strength. These classes are about an hour long. But let me tell ya, These are no mamsy, pamsy classes! They are tough and not for wimpy people! So, I'm running but its not as long and its at various times of the day. I can't wait till this whole thing is over so I can get back to my regular running routine :-) BUT I look forward to whats gonna happen at the Warrior Dash!!

Kailah is being timed tonight for her x-country team, The Knights at Crown Athletics. So we will be there supporting her. This is an exciting time in her life because she has improved soooo much! Our family is still shifting and changing into being a running family and I LOVE THAT!! Now, Meghan is gonna need to be out there with us to tighten up and get in shape so she can represent her team well...mmuuhhaha...all in my "Great Master Plan!" So there is a method to the madness ;-) But I just miss and can't wait for a good long run out there in nature communing with God...aahhh... but once again these classes are hard and I find that pretty much I'm zapped after them so Its hard to even clean my HOUSE much less going for a long run!

Power Pump 1hr. VERY DIFFICULT!!

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  1. booooo to cleaning the house anyway. I'd say more, but gotta go clean the house. j/k

    Have a good one!!