Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9th 2010 Running Blog

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born." -Rajneesh

I was born as a mother seventeen years ago. We conceived our first child only six months after we were married and only four months after the first one was born we conceived again. Having children changes what you thought the world should be like and your part in it. Having little girls changes it even more :-) I barely recognize the person I was before I had children. There are core things that stay the same but I can honestly say, I am a better person because of my girls. As I've taught and trained, I have also been taught and trained by them. Love continues to evolve even in the midst of absolute frustration, love is moving and changing and when we're on the other side of frustration its that kind of love that allows us to laugh at what was going on.

Well, today is Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day! My day was very Happy :-D I have a great family who took the time to Honor me for that, and my day was filled with joy! I am the proud mommy of Kailah 16yrs old and Meghan 15yrs old but I'm not old haha and running makes me feel not so old. I feel alot younger than all the other women around me who are 37 yrs old. Teens and Running I think help make that possible!!

Today though I was mostly the "volleyball" mom and spent a great portion of my day, helping Meghan get ready for tryouts. With all the business of the day I decided I was going to do upper body weights because today was one of those days where everything I had to do was far away from each other and that is one of the joys of motherhood (I don't say that in sarcasm either) I love to drive, its great talk times with my family. Driving is a great opportunity for communication and relationship building :-) But that can shorten a day of running because of the time it takes to get from one place to another. So, I hung it up for the day and did weights.

But non of this "mommy" journey wouldn't have taken place if it weren't for my Mom! haha she is a tough cookie but a sweet one. She's been an example for me and there was a point in my life I call the "lost years" that she was also a mama to my girls (won't go there) She raises the bar of what a mother should become and is! I love her so much. She lives on the other side of America and so its hard on me I wish I could've raised our girls closer to Grandmas House :-) My mom is a gift giver she's always sending love pakages our way and with in the pkg. I alway remember her fragrance. She is a beautiful women and a sucessful one as well!! Happy Mothers Day Momma....miss you.

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