Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4th 2010 Running Blog

"Other people may not have high expectations of me, but I have high expectations for myself." - Shannon Miller

Today was hard. I thought at this point doing five miles wouldn't be so difficult. It is. I wondered if I bit off more than I could chew about trying to do a 1/2 marathon by November 25th (my birthday & Thanksgiving Day). I do find myself to be a smidget more faster and can go a little longer but it takes everything I have in order to do so. Well, I picked up a schedule to start training for a 1/2 Marathon. I'm gonna try my very hardest to do it. I figure I'd start this Monday the day after my rest day. My thinking behind this is if I practice enough times I won't be the last at the race. I want to do this race well. I don't want to sign up for it and end up being last or something. I don't feel I'm ready to train but I'm so aggravated that I'm not going to give myself another option. They do have a rest day in there so I'm happy about that :-)

Boling Park
5 Miles

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