Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9th 2010 Running Blog

"Running, one might say, is basically an absurd pastime upon which to be exhausting ourselves. But if you can find meaning in the type of running you need to do ... chances are you'll be able to find meaning in that other absurd pastime - LIFE." - Bill Bowermen

Today is day three of training for a 1/2 Marathon and I was supposed to do easy running for 60 min. I did run 60 minutes but no where in that was "easy." I bought a timing watch and I ran 61:02 because in that I pushed out 5 miles!! Totally great for me :-) But I'm tell'n ya, that stop watch was pushing me to do it. Today's run would have been real easy if I didn't have it haha which tells me I should've had a stop watch 6 months ago when I started running to run!

One neat thing happened again today. I was running in the back pasture and a deer started running towards me. I was on the path going forward and it was further down the path running to me. They always make my heart smile. They make the runs more pleasant. Just thought I'd share that.

Boling Park
5 Miles

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