Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th 2010 Running Blog

For crying out loud! Forrest Gump did NOT say,
"I think I'm finished now". He said, "I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now."

He also said, "...wherever I was going, I WAS RUN-NING!" and,

"Those look like comf-tuble shoes. Momma always said you could tell alot 'bout a person by they shoes. Where they going. Where they been. I've worn lotsa shoes",and

~ Unknown Comments ~

That movie always makes me laugh (except the end then I cry).

Ok. get this....yesterday I didn't mention this cuz I thought it was insignificant. I stood on that ab thing where you hang and do leg lifts. I did 10 and rested after 3 lifts soooo, no big deal or anything to write about? I woke up this morning at 2pm. A LOT of PAIN!! I didn't know what it was so I just laid there trying to relax. I finally got out of bed and could not stand up straight it felt like I ripped a muscle that went from my chest alllllll the way down below your stomach like a line. So, I started stretching a bit and I thought, I'll just make some coffee, it will help me clean out my system and I'll be fine. So, (bending over) I did. I thought well, I'll sit at the computer and type and stuff but when I got up....omg intense cramping everywhere it felt like contractions, I fell back into the seat and when I did it started more, in the lower area. I made myself get up and walk....I thought that's nice. I get to walk at Boling...gggrrrr...

Meghan saw me and was like mom, you should not go, you will injure yourself more. So I went out and thought...maybe if I start running (in the house) it will go away....It like went into spasms. One thing that makes me really angry is Meghan (once again) came down in her running clothes that she slept in. Then went back to bed, cuz of me..... :-(

I researched the problem online md. and basically I have a strained/pulled stomach muscle. Cure - ice, ibuprofen, rest. I actually need to rest till the majority of the pain leaves may take a few days, (hopefully) When I eat it hurts I feel nauseous. It does help when I walk around and push my stomach in.


Didn't Run :-(

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