Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12th 2010 Running Blog

"Your training partners are a key to your success ,and friendships based on your runs together are strong" - Bill Rodgers

Well, today was so fulfilling, I really truly loved today. We ran at Boling and it was once again family and friends and I think we just all spur each other on! Therefore, I was able to do ~ 3 MILES BABY OH YA!!!
Today was a big deal because it would be the third time in a row I did 3 miles and it proves to me, "Toni, you can do this, you can really make this your lifestyle, no more is it wishful thinking, Toni, it is in you!" I always seemed in the past when it came to fitness things I'd quit between 6-8 weeks...NOT this time! But this time; weight, size, calories, meals etc. wasn't a goal, this time I just wanted to go the distance and just remain faithful...
Today was also a day when I realized I need to shoot for higher goals! I'm going to start with running 3 miles every time, not just a few times a week but every single time I will run 3 miles, Jesus help ;-)

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