Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31st 2010 Running Blog

"Out on the roads there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be" - Dr. George Sheehan

Today is the end of January. That month is now over. I am amazed at what has happened in just one month that running helped bring resolve, healing, strength, a sense of achievement and peace. The beginning of the month was the kick off of a new lifestyle with friends and family. In the course of one month many adventurous things happened. I cut may hair so I could focus on running better! While I was on the roads and man who needed healing was healed in Jesus name! My daughter walked in victory as something that was going to try and steel her day of running was put under her feet and we had an amazing run in the snow, I got to be apart of that! I achieved a goal of going beyond running two miles with out stopping to three miles without stopping! Regardless of the weather I ran anyways and now understand, "There is no such thing as bad weather just different kinds of weather." unknown. I'm still learning to be faithful but this is the most faithful I've ever been, averaging running four times a week, my goal is no less than five but four is a good start. I felt my body grow stronger and stronger. In the midst of all the excitement, I experienced a great loss. Its still painful but as I ran is when I felt the most peace. Never understanding but bringing some form of resolve to the moment, and it is still moment by moment. It has been wonderful being with Jesus as He runs with me :-) Oh how I look forward to that each and every day I go to run. He is always with me however, when we run and talk...its new and good in a different sort of way.

I have set new goals. One is to do a 10k at the Peach Tree Road Race on July 4th! I look forward to training for that. I'm still working on Running through Taylors Farm and not stopping. I'm getting closer to 5-6 times a week of running therefore next month my avg. will be no less than 5! I have yet to run 5 miles but that is what I love about the word "yet" its just a matter of time so I'm going to push that up to 6 miles daily! For me it is not about reaching goals, its about maintaining them meaning, these have to be attained before the month of December so that it will just carry through that month. Only then will I have actually reached my goal!!

I did not run today. Today was a day of rest.

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