Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14th 2010 Running Blog

"Running is my Church" - Joan Van Ark

Today I was running and there was an elderly man walking to get exercise I guess. His right leg was twisted out like his foot was faced sideways. So when he walked it was like one foot going one way and the other going another. As I ran towards him I saw he was a Muslim man with the turban loooong beard etc. I was focused on running but as I ran past him we did the "nod" but he wasn't too friendly and I heard "I want you to go heal him" I kept running cuz I didn't know if it was me or a distraction or whatever, I'm just trying to breath. So I stopped so I could hear clearly and I said, "Do you want me to go heal him" I heard, "Go!" So, I ran back to him and stopped in front of him and said, stop, stop please. He did not speak English but he stopped. I pointed to his leg and was trying to ask, what is wrong with it? I said are you in pain and then he said no pain but he showed me his hip and put his hand to point this is where the problem is. I said, can I pray for you, he just looked at me and I stepped forward I just said, can I pray for you...he didn't say anything so I took it as a yes. I put my hand on his hip and he was just like stunned, so I closed my eyes and put my other hand towards heaven and said, clearly JESUS! IN JESUS NAME BE HEALED! Then I looked at him and had to close my eyes again and I began to pray for the bones and muscles that they would be corrected and I kept say Jesus and I prayed he would not just walk but run. Then I stopped and stood back and said, well did anything change? I don't think he understood so I was trying to show him how to test it. He started moving it and turning and busted out Laughing!! Laughing and talking in his language very loud and started pointing up (cuz that is what I was doing the entire time I was praying, pointing up and saying Jesus) He was laughing and smiling and then he put his hands together and was bowing and I was like oh crap, I just totally put my hand on a Muslim mans hip in public and just got scared cuz I was a women and when he continued to bow I was like well, just wanted you to run, and I'm like Jesus is King and I ran away!!! Honestly, I just got sacred. Cuz I started looking around, like we're!

So a man got healed, in Jesus name I felt a little something in his hip but not like cracking and popping but he was turning it :-D

But another thing that was way cool was in my neighborhood is your either going up or down and on the way back its always up and I can never really run it, I walk. Well I was so downloaded with Adrenalin or something from him being healed I was like oh my Gosh! I'm home! I didn't even realize how fast and even the fact that I went all the way up w/out stopping...ha! I stopped cuz i was shocked! Like what just happened??!!?? So, it was an amazing day!!! I love running, I love Jesus!