Monday, January 4, 2010

Janurary 4th, 2010 Running Blog

"Run with the Hills" - Janet Jordan

That is what I tried to keep in mind so I wouldn't focus on the freezing cold weather that seem to sting my cheeks. However, I realized I have a love hate relationship with freezing cold, windy weather! I ran the most I ever ran in Taylors Farm but by the time I was on my way back I Loved the stinging cold! I was able to run without the aggravation of hot sweat ;-)
But rolling with the hills I came to understand if you look straight down instead of the hill you're about to run up, all of a sudden you're at the top!
One thing is for sure, I was running in the most tacky outfit EVER!! It was freezing like I've already said and so I went to the end of my yard only to run back in the house to put a scarf on. Needless to say the only one I could find was a tacky hot pink with black circles on it, ugh. It was wrapped past my nose. I don't want to look like a burgle but I think I'm going to have to buy one of those masks that cover your head and face. We soon shall see!

Taylors Farm - 3.5 miles, Walk/Run


  1. Thats what I do, I look at the ground almost the whole entire time!!

  2. oh! really?? I didn't know that? Ha! Why didn't you tell me? Could've ran hills a long time ago! j/j