Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10th 2010 Running Blog

"You must run softly, let your feet float, and then respond. You don't conquer the trail. You react. It is a dance and you're following the trails lead. And as with a dance, the more you give in, the better it gets. " - Dangny Barrios (Runners World Complete Guide to Trail Running)

What a day! How wonderful it was to run in the pouring rain today and by no means was it a light rain. There were parts of Boling Park that were completely underwater. It was such a delight to run through them. At first I tried to run around them, the puddles were higher than my ankles and the sand and mud were thick below them. Then I heard a little voice say, "'re already soaking wet, enjoy the puddles!" Suddenly, my heart filled with joy and I stayed on track running through every puddle not swaying back and fourth to dodge them. The puddles were long like down the track, it wasn't like a couple feet in width or length. I ran down paths of water and the mud was so soft and gentle; making my feet feel like they were running on pillows. It was a day of play! I had this burst of freedom I had not felt before while I ran, I think it went beyond adrenalin. I have always experienced some form of freedom but today was a like a burst into a different reality. I felt like a child, so excited about playing in the rain and making splashes in the puddles. I don't even think I grasp all that actually took place out there but, there were at times a stillness within me that was taking this all in.

I ran and smiled and I ran and smiled some more! And boy did I run fast! I was unaware of how fast I was actually going. I was putting forth so much energy that as I headed into the third mile my body just stopped. Like literally stopped in its tracks! I quickly went down my body list:
Head ok -Check
Shoulders ok - Check
Back ok - Check
Hips ok - Check
Knees, Ankles and Feet ok - Check

I was perplexed as I stood there thinking what is wrong? I have no pain? Then once again I heard a voice say, "running in water is vastly different than running on gravel alone." So I took off my jacket and shirt (I had on 3 layers on today,) I took a deep breath and ran out my third mile :-) When I was done with my third mile in my heart I wanted to run forever but I just stood there. I didnt' walk anything out I just stood there. My youngest Daughter Meghan started honking the horn and kind of woke me up from that daze. She had been in the car the whole time waiting. I was out there alone, Kailah didn't come with me today. Nobody was out there, it was just me and the Lord, I'm pretty sure there were angles having fun too :-)

I was so happy, Meghan thought I was crazy. When I sat in the car my body was burning! My clothes were wet but the wetness on them was warm. I said, "holy cow Meghan! Feel my legs!" You could seriously touch my legs and through wet clothes heat was radiating from them! Very bazaar!! Man, today was a special day, I hope this won't be the only day this kind of thing happens. It wasn't just about rain, puddles and mud....this was different....very magical. I will mark this day down, March 10th 2010- running, a day of play I had not experienced since I was 5 yrs old.

Boling Park
3.0 Miles :-) Ran & Played :-)

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