Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30th 2010 Running Blog

"Some people run to get in shape......we get in shape to run!" - Unknown

I had two breakthroughs today! Didn't really realize they were a wall for me but I broke through regardless! One was breathing and the other was learning what strides are, I practiced both. People kept telling me to breathe out with your mouth and in through your nose. I tried but as I would do that unconsciously I would breathe in and out of my mouth, the result - panting. So today I did a mile real slow to practice it and when I breathed through my nose, it felt like a head rush like when you drink a slushy too fast. But I kept thinking, "everyone else is doing it?" Or at least I thought everyone was doing it, found out later that everyone is not doing that :-) In the mean time I would catch myself not doing that and try again. I felt like I was fighting something. I stopped and walked about a 1/4 of a mile and stopped again for a brief moment....now keep in mind, if I did that before I would be highly discouraged but I went in with the attitude of practicing. Well, I thought what if I took off running as fast as I can? Wondering if something would click? Asking God if He would help me be swift, I did. Right about the time I usually slow way down I started breathing through my nose and out of my mouth but pushing it out. Well, I realized, "I'm still running fast" HOLY COW!! I'm running! Then I realized my head wasn't hurting and I just kept going. There was a few times I slowed down and "panted" why? I don't know? But for the most part I was able to breathe the right way consistently....I figured it out! It just started to flow, wasn't like going into some kind of fight. So I did another mile!

I was about to do my fourth mile and decided to slow down and do it with with Kailah (she was struggling) and while we were walk/jogging she told me about strides. I didn't know what they were so we started practicing them. From one land mark to another we would stride. When we did that I was even better!! I didn't realize I could do all that simtaniously. I felt like I had great victories.
One key I think helped me the most today was knowing, I was not going in there to put in miles without stopping. I was going in there to figure this thing out, even if I had to walk and process this with my mind and body. But one condition I did put on myself was; whatever happens I will do four miles. If it weren't for that, I would have walked away, missing the fact that I broke through into some other level!!!

Boling Park
4 Miles Ran/Walked (proud of it!)

Ps! Here are some great articles on Strides. I'm not talking about a "Stride Workout" I'm talking about speed work when you're running. Thanx Janet :-)


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