Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15th 2010 Running Blog

"You have to know you can win. You have to think you can win. You have to feel you can win." –Sugar Ray Leonard

I was determined to run four miles! That is very challenging for me. When I run four miles I am so excited I feel as if I have conquered a great mountain. It doesn't matter what that day holds, it will be a wonderful day! Today I was running in Boling Park and glad to know within me that I was going to run four miles today, it was going to happen today!

There was a lady there and she looked in much better shape and she seemed in a better fitness level than me. I had never seen her before, ever. Well, for some reason, one that I didn't understand she would run ahead of me then slow down and when I caught up to her she would run faster and be ahead of me again. It was rather odd and I wondered why she was doing that? This was at my 3.5 miles. She kept doing it over and over and then I started to get irritated about it. I didn't like that I felt that way. But I started thinking what if I beat her? What if I kick it in gear and run out the rest of the slow running, but pure running with everything within me? That is just what I did. At first we were neck and neck then I just started sprinting like I have never done before!! Ever!! I looked back and saw she was running but there was defiantly a distance between us!

At first all I could do was not feel light headed because for some reason there wasn't enough oxygen! I don't know where it was but I could not get enough of it in my lungs (made me nervous.) Finally, I started getting oxygen and was walking it out because my legs were quivering, she was still running and I had to leave or I would say something encouraging like, "way to go!" Because that is what you do at Boling, whether you know them or not you run and encourage people. That is one reason I love to run there :-)

I was late and had to go drop Meghan off at the Y or she would be late for her class. I did go back because Kailah had to run six miles and as I drove up Kailah came out and all of a sudden I smiled really big. I began to think, "hey! I just ran and raced! And I won!" Then my friends Janet and Zack came out and I told them! The more I said it the more happy I got!! I did not know that was in run out my four miles after I was at 3.5!!! I now know I can sprint out the last part of four miles!! That is amazing to me!! Wow :-)

I always assumed it was just going to be something between me, myself and I but I now know I can win! I can win something beyond myself :-)

Boling Park
4 Miles Ran

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