Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24th 2010 Running Blog

"If you do something long enough and consistantly enough you will yeild results" - Jeremy McAlister

Jeremy's words to me because I was discouraged. I did not plan to run. I had a guest visit me all the way from Kenya and I had set apart my whole day to be with her. Into the night I cleaned my house just because I was so excited to see her and wanted it to be perfect. My time with her was wonderful what a pleasure she is and a blessing to our family.

However, she left before it was dark. I thought hmm...I can get in a run! So, with my family we set out to Boling Park where I could barely do two miles!! It felt like I was carrying someone? I sat on the bench and felt like crying. Jeremy sat next to me and encouraged me, I love him. He went on to say, "you're off your schedule for running, you're off your groove. You didn't sleep well or plan on running today anyways?" I said something along the lines of I think I'm way far behind than what I should be. So we just sat and looked at the track and he said, no. When I first started I couldn't get to the 1/4 mile marker with out stopping, gasping for air, You couldn't even run! You walked and stopped! No, you are right where you are supposed to be, this time next year you'll be a better runner but its something you have to do consistently you will get the goals you want you just got to keep being out here and sometimes it may be just two miles.....but you were consistent! I felt so much better :-) Tomorrow, getting back in the groove. Reguardless of the results I know I will try my hardest and be faithful!! Therefore like Jeremy said, I will get results (faster & longer)

Boling Park
2 Miles Ran/Walk.......

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