Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16th 2010 Running Blog

"Enjoy your pain, you've earned it" - Unknown

I ran today. Not as long as I wanted but I ran. Towards the end of mile two my thighs started yelling at me! Saying,"Hey! Stop! Who do you think we are? Wonder Woman?" I didn't stop but I didn't go past three miles either. I took mile # 3 very slow.

I think it was because yesterday's run. I put everything I had into those legs-to be first and today they weren't hav'n it. What was weird was I didn't have any pain when I started. You think as soon as I took off they'd be speaking to me ("listen to your body") Nope, it was all good then suddenly it wasn't.

I couldn't help but feel good about it :-) It was a great reminder of yesterdays run! I'm really hoping that happens more often, it was so cool! Today I felt like I'm doing something right!!

Boling Park
3 Miles Ran

Oh ya. I found out that we'll be out of town or something on the 4th of July. Meaning- I'm not going to be here for the Georgia Peach 10k Race. I'm not bummed, I'll just find another one!

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