Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1st 2010 Running Blog

"One shoe can change your life" - Cinderella

Today will be an interesting but good day...why you might ask? Because I did my three miles regardless of the cramping pain in my feet and legs. Imagine at the quarter mile mark feeling throbbing in your arches then at the half mile mark feeling pinching in your heal then the rest of the time a cramping so painful your running with a limp because now the pain is shooting up the sides of your legs!

I so wanted to stop and walk but suddenly out of nowhere it was like some sort of vision of a down load on a computer screen where all the hundreds of running quotes I've been reading on a daily basis flashed before my eyes and the message was clear ~ push through your pain ~ That being said I finished the mile but stopped to take the insert souls out of my shoes. I had bought some not because my feet where hurting while I ran but because my knee's and feet started hurting after I ran to the point of limping and icing at home :-/

I bought these inserts a few days ago and when I walked it was like heaven! My feet felt like a cushion bouncing on clouds or something. There was no pain when I took my shoe's off at home and I could walk comfortably around the house, which was awesome!

On the day of the race my legs and feet fell just wonderful but I remembered after today I walked it! I didn't run. That being said, running and walking are as different as night and day when you are wearing inserts! Oh geez...lesson learned. But when I fixed my shoes and tied the laces to practically no blood circulation (which is the way they love) I finished out my miles with minimum throbbing. At mile number three all pain was gone, thank God!

I know I needed to replace my shoes weeks ago but I didn't want to part with them. I love my was some kind of weird attachment? Anyways, today, I'm going to a store where they test your feet and buy shoes only for running. I think I'll get a pedicure while I'm out as well. I've decided to not throw away my first pair of running shoes. I'm going to keep them in storage and one day look at them again when I can actually do a marathon and remember the equipment that started out my journey :-) Don't worry, I won't keep all my shoes, I'm not that sentimental - I hope.

But in addition to this day being interesting, my alarm didn't go off which I was late to the track and on the way home I drove off into a ditch and hit a wall of dirt. I'm fine, the car is fine, the visor fell into my face as I turned a sharp corner, I turned too fast and when it hit me I lost control of the car. When I finally stopped, I smiled...why?? BECAUSE - I got my three miles in today!!! Yeah!!!

Boling Park
3.0 Miles, Ran

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