Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27th 2010 Running Blog

"I know how that pancake feels when you pour the syrup all over it."  -Wright,James C,Jr

Take the syrup and replace it with sweat!! Today we had an awesome time running!! I loved it!! Even though it was a "fun run" type thing I ran as hard as I would as if they weren't there. We invited friends to run with us at Boling and afterwards we served them pancakes at our house!! We made from scratch pancakes, yummy pancakes (well Thomas did). Funny, the guy who came and made those wasn't really there to cook, but me an my awesome cooking used a box recipe. Everyone decided to eat his instead :-) I love running with friends, I don't think I have ever made that unclear!! Today ~ I will not forget. I love my friends!

This is Thomas, he made them from scratch! Soooo Good!

Oh, we had eggs and coffe too :-)

Boling Park
3 Miles Ran

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