Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22nd 2010 Running Blog

"Running changed my life as it will change yours, just give it a chance. Once you get that blood moving, it's show time!"- Wilfredo Melendez, US soldier

Running is life changing and I don't think you get a choice to change, it just happens :-) Makes me not want to stop, I like who I'm becoming :-)

Today was good. Good weather. Good body functions. Good everything. I kept thinking about the Jacuzzi from the other night at the pool. So, I packed up my stuff and after running went to the pool did a few laps (just to cool off) then sat in the Jacuzzi....aaahhhh I am realizing though, I need to go beyond five its time to move up, it felt easy today.

Boling Park
5 Miles
Pool and Jacuzzi

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