Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6th 2010 Running Blog

"I want to run until I can't run." - Bill Rodgers

Very, very nice run. I like running in Tennessee :-) Did five miles with the girls on a Green Way and we are all at different levels so we took it slow and sometimes walked. But it was us, talking about the future and running :-) I never would have thought this would be so instrumental in our lives but its beginning to shape our future.

Good news Bad news ~ My mother in law (Carol) got injured in her back to a point where she has to hang up her running shoes. She can still walk, she's not an invalid but running would cause great damage. That being said, she gave me all her running clothes and things she bought at the end of the season. She also gave me Dan's (Jeremy's dad) racing T-Shirts. So...that's wonderful but I wish and am praying she could run instead. But I'm pretty much hooked up for the winter season.

Sterchi Village
5 Miles

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