Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5th 2010 Running Blog

"And on the 7th day, God rested. He did an easy 5 miler." - Marathonsweetheartblog

My days are all messed up, today is Sunday and I usually don't run but since all the sports seasons have started I've really had to try and vary my running so I can try and get them in during the mornings. So, I'm actually in Knoxville TN. visiting friends and family for Labor Day and with Kailah's amazing race yesterday and all the travel it feels like a Friday :-p That being said, I ran 5 miles on a Sunday :-) THEN....I came home because we ran on the green way down town and walked 4 miles with Carol on her neighborhood trail. The weather is absolutely lovely I was full of energy and ran 5 miles in aprox. 51 is a very good day!

I really enjoyed running and walking with Dan and Carol. You get to learn alot and catch up alot and fortunately Dan is a runner and a good one at that, so its fun picking his brain on "whats what" in the world of running :-) haha Jeremy has a sister, Erin, one day older than Kailah! Anyways, life is changing for Carol and I as we know it so we get to talk about homeschool, college, prom, sports....and all that that entails....we have good, good girls :-)

Greenway Knoxville Tennessee
5 Miles
Sterchy Hills Knoxville Tennessee
4 Miles

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