Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2nd 2010 Running Blog

"You are most likely meant for long distance racing" - Jouble

You know today was a breathe of fresh air. It was the most perfect day to run, the most perfect my body has felt in a long while, just everything! The entire atmosphere was pleasant. It was relaxing and peaceful I left there with my spirit lifted.

I noticed something. I start out real slow and I go faster the longer I go. I remembered what Kailahs trainer said. I picked his brain about everything concerning running. There is a guy who is always on the track and he's won marathons etc. anyways, Kailah's therapist ran with him. He knows everywhere I run so its kinda nice to talk with someone who knows where your at and has a personal clue. While I was running today I kept remembering my conversations with him. Today I felt what he was saying. For me, when mile number three hits that's when I'm ready to run and can keep going. That last 5K was so discouraging. He thought it would be better if I entered more distance type racing, if that is what I was going to do. Won't be so disappointed. Today when it was all said and done I was happy, I went around and every couple miles I would consistently go faster.

At mile number four my legs started to complain some but I just kept running. When I was done I felt like I could run more but decided to walk a mile with some (new) friends. I like relationships I have with people out there. I didn't really know them, now I do. Its nice to walk a mile with people.

Boling Park
7 Miles


  1. That sounds like a perfect running day! Congrats!

  2. It was :-) what has been your perfect running day?