Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24th 2010 Running Blog

“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.” - Mark Twain quotes

Lord Have Mercy! What a day it has been, not at all what I expected but fortunately because of Janet my running friend it turned out pretty good. Then I found out later through Facebook that God laid me on someone elses heart and they prayed for me that morning. Good friends...pull you through.

Today I have everything to a "T" planned out. I was going to do 13.1 miles even if I had to walk I just needed to feel it, right? Wrong!

When I made the decision to do this I didn't take into account that there was a festival that weekend and they may have it closed for setting up. When I heard it was a possibility I thought that stinks cuz I already missed my run to rest. Well, whatever, I'll just run around or behind what they are doing and run through a different area (make it work). Um, there were cops guarding the street that leads to the park. It wasn't even the park. I couldn't use that part. I told the cop, "Um, I came to do thirteen miles ( I guess I thought he'd say ok drive through?)" He said, "Well, you can run around Heritage Park thirteen times." Heritage Park is cement. So, I went to Heritage and one of the Boling walkers said, "You run. You shouldn't run. My feet are hurting it won't be good for you." So, I went home. I thought well, I guess I'll just run my neighborhood for 3 hours since thats what I'm guesstimating then... it is what it is. But I was so depressed and went to bed. I had a few other hang ups before all that like waking up at 2am cuz I was anxious and Jeremy taking the car that had all my supplies for the run that day (I was coming prepared!) Oh well.

Thankfully, Janet who runs at Boling too couldn't run either so she contacted through Facebook Kailah and we all met there. Ya know...Facebook can be a good thing. Anyways, I would have not gone there if they hadn't said they were. I'm so nervous about injury, I'll steer clear from it! But she pointed out I don't run on it enough that it will do that but I'd feel it in new places. So I ran 8 miles there :-) Yeah! I know I said I'd do 13.1 regardless but it was in the heat of the day and that would not be wise. But I started at 11:09 and eight miles later it was 12:43 at mile seven I walked/ran but the last half mile to number 8 I I took an assessment of just that, I would not want to run but something inside still keeps saying, "You are better than what you think you are." Leaving me with this feeling of I can do this. So, I will try again...and again...and again...till I can do it right!! So, all the "right" eating didn't go with this timing and the "right" sleeping was a big fail too. So, with the time of the day I ran which wasn't "right" when it was all said and done I did good but it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for them. Kailah and Meghan were so helpful too. They were there too.

This was a great learning experience too, very enlightning...I could never figure out how come I had scratches on me on my stomach? Well, while I was running it felt like my shirt was sand paper....didn't think twice till after I got out of the shower and saw my stomach all scratched up!! Its the running!! I've thought, am I scratching myself while I sleep? Cuz it does leave scabs hahaha I'm such a dork! Dan (my running Father in Law) said, "Guys have to put on a deorderant type stuff cuz of that" but I'm not a guy so I didn't think it would apply to me. I do know, from learning the hard way to use that on your inner theighs. Well, I guess I should put it all over the trunk of my body...goodness...I'm just glad I know what is happening!! I thought hmm? Did my belt scratch me? Well, its only taken nine months but hey!! I get it now!!

Heritage Park
8 Miles

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