Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21st 2010 Running Blog


"Before your next marathon, think about a person who helped make your marathon possible. Then consider showing your appreciation by dedicating the race to that person." - Joe Henderson, American runner, running coach, and writer

I have so many people to thank and besides God, there is one person either through email or out at the park encouraged me every single day! She has really mentored me in this whole thing and gave me the courage not to quit!

So, if I could dedicate this race to only one person it would be to Janet Jordan. Thank You. Your investment into my daughters has been such a blessing. You are a true friend, a God send. We are different and you helped make that happen, thank you for your mentorship ;-) Who knew I would ever run a stink'n marathon? See ya at Boling!!

You know my heart is really full on this day. I've been way exhausted but I just really have to honor my husband because he has bent over backwards to help me do what I need to do. Just really, really encouraged me but too, his dad, Dan. The very last part of the race Dan ran with me! Encouraging me, he said, as soon as you turn that corner run. I was thinking I can't but he said it again and I did! Thank You Dan!! Suddenly seconds mattered! haha :-)

Oak Ridge Tennessee
1/2 Marathon, The Secret City Marathon!!

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