Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7th 2010 Running Blog

"The thing about distance runners is at one point or another they will always catch someone who is ahead of them" - Tom Berrum

So many times that is my encouragement while I run. There are always people passing me but I know if they stayed on the track I'd pass them because they can't go as long as I do! Or I'll be done and someone asks me how many did I do after they passed me a bunch of times, I'll say 10 miles and they reply, "oh! are you serious? I could never run that many miles! wow." I want everyone to run the best they desire to run but let me tell you, that is encouraging. I'll be running out there sometime for 3 hours, I just wished I did run faster. But I know that I can run for 3 hours without stopping :-)

Well, today is Daylight Savings Time -THANK GOD!! Now I can run in the morning and not be concerned with the dark! I didn't like that much. I think its different when you're a lady. Running in the dark isn't safe and I never know if someone I'm familiar with will be out there.

Today I didn't run. I figured since I ran 8 yesterday, in my neighborhood and my joints were hurting yesterday I'd better take today off. But, today I didn't really hurt. So, tomorrow I'm gonna do my long day which will be 11 miles. Literally in 2 weeks I'm running a 1/2 Marathon....can't believe it, it doesn't feel like I am and at the same time I wish it was over already!! I want to go back to normal running :-) So, I was supposed to stick to a schedule and didn't. I'm just down to, run hard, long or fast and rest in between. My life did not do well with a schedule. Today I ate ok. I had a well balanced breakfast, Mexican salad and grapes the rest of the day (took a looooong nap) I know I need to drink more water. Since its not so hot out, I'm not drinking as much. Ok, with that thought I'll go get some water!

Day of Rest

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