Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11th 2010 Running Blog

"Success does not come to the most righteous and rigorously disciplined but to those who continue running." - Amby Burfoot

hhmmm...noticing a pattern. When I run a mile one day the next day I run four...not sure what that's all about but I am glad it happened! The best kind of encouragement is the one that gets results. That being said, I was totally encouraged today!

I can't leave this out though. The whole time I was running I kept thinking about having a conversation with God. Like, asking Him, "How was Your day today?" I have tried to talk to people at times and they are so busy they couldn't look me in the eye and pay attention to my "amazing story" or whatever sparked that conversation. I just began to think of God speaking to me, do I pay attention? When I ask Him, "how has Your day been?" Do I actually set my things aside and listen to what He has to say? Those were the thoughts that while I was running were wondering around in my mind, then all of a sudden I just ran four miles...where did the time go? Maybe just trying to listen to God more, takes care to the time I seem to never have :-)

Boling Park
4 miles Running

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