Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23rd 2010 Running Blog

"If you don't plan, you plan to fail" - Bill Philips (Body for Life)

Ouch, pretty strong statement!

But what if you planned and it failed anyways?
Tip #1 - Always have a backup plan.
What if your back up plan falls through as well?
Tip #2 - Chalk it up to you get an A+ for effort and move on with your day!!

Bill Philips, I appreciate your quote but it can only go so far, thanks.

Ok, so ready for this...yesterday my tire went flat and I could only let kailah run (I'm too slow) before I had to get the car back. Turns out all rims and three tires had to be replaced...I'm thinking, "Toni, stay focused, don't get mad, you will be able to run but run with a clear attitude." So, my plan was, for sure they will all be fixed by 3pm. and I will go then that was Plan B because it meant I had to go after 3 which I don't like.

I get to Boling, yeah! However, my daughter Meghan who was waiting for us in the car came out to us in the middle of mile #2 and say's," there is black smoke coming from the car, its making weird sounds and shaking!" I was able to get it to the auto store for help and ended up there for over an hour.

That pretty much sums up my running day, ugh.

Boling Park
2 miles

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