Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27th 2010 Running Blog

"Bringing up a family should be an adventure, not an anxious discipline in which everybody is constantly graded for performance." - Milton R. Saperstein

I love family adventures! Today was really neat. Kailah took 2nd place in her age bracket! She has come sooo far and this is a great fete for her! Way to go Kailah! Jeremy my most competitive one out did his best time and running in his Vebrims, came in at 35 minutes, yeah!! Its great to beat personal records and he did :-) Meghan pushed through in this race and though she loved being with family she did not love doing this 5k. Her words were along the lines of, "good job guys...ok let go!" Bless her little heart, she does not do this and looking at her I started to realize how much I toughened up! It was below Freezing and really windy. My solution is RUN! Thats how I stay warm. I run my guts out till I'm sweaty and can't breathe then I just take it easy and enjoy the run. Meghans nose was runny and I just got used to it, when its that cold and your out there running, thats just what happens. Her eyes were watery and that happens too but I wondered is she about to cry? She was really miserable. It was only because of the weather. She pulled out her little hands and said look mom they are burning and they were purplish red :-( I don't feel too, too sorry for her because I told her how to dress and she wanted to do her own thing...mama knows best :-)

However, I took advantage of the time we walked together and we just talked about all sorts of things. I told her it was now her responsibility to do 5k's with our whole family. She looked at me and the look on her face was one of "alarm." I said since your just going to walk, I'm going to go buy a stroller big enough and you will have to push our baby Shih tzu's! Her little red face lit up and she got so happy! She said she would totally do that. I said good! Now our whole family will be able to do 5k's :-) When we told Jeremy he was like, "oh my god...your serious?! Lord, help me!" We all had a big laugh but are going to go ahead and do that. So me and Meghan walked 3.1 miles. She is still talking about the kind of stroller we'll need for all our dogs ~ Daisy, Aslan and Lucy ~ Yep! Running is a great never know for sure what your about to embark on and how awesome is that?!

BUT next time its every man for himself! I am going to run out my goals!

Guns and Hoses 5k
3.1 Walked 65:10 min.

P.S. I didn't have dreams of being late, I just woke up on the hour instinctively making sure I didn't!  ~ guess I'm a runner :-)

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