Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19th 2010 Running Blog

"You can't coach heart and desire, it must come from within" - Unknown

     Today was a great running day! When it was all said and done I'm just short a 1/2 mile from running five! I know I could defiantly do three, so I was set out to do that at the least and I was aiming for another four. Well, I had to stop so I walked a half mile. All of a sudden I remembered...I don't have to go home! I can stay out here as long as I feel like it! Then this thankfulness rose up and I was very grateful to my husband who works for a living and gives me the freedom to run instead of having to go to a job. He is a good man. A big smile came across my heart and I had this boost of energy! I thought, I'm not going to finish out the rest of this 1/2 mile running only, I'm going to run another mile too! When I finished the 5th mile, the finish line never looked so wonderful as it did today! As exciting all this was... my legs were shot! But what a great way to start the day :-)

Boling Park
Ran 3 miles, walked 1/2 mile, Ran the last mile and a half!

Grand total = 5 miles! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

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