Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18th 2010 Running Blog

"Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain." ~Author Unknown

You ever feel like and idiot but are so happy you found the answer your ok with the fact you did something stupid, then you realize you had to go through one to get to the other? That was my running experience today! I about passed out thinking I was having seizure activity. I have every right to think that, its been very real in my life. It felt like I was about to have one, the dizziness, blurry eye sight and nausea. This has happened more than once since I've been running. I can be very a fault. When I would feel that way my reaction was, "oh. ok. you want to act up? (speaking to my body) Fine! I'll run some more!" I'd get home and go straight to bed. However, today was an enlightening experience. Even though I am very slow I do run with everything within me. I don't run around out there playing or something. This time while I was bending over so not to vomit all of a sudden the articles, books, advice from friends that run; flooded into my brain! As soon as I got home went and grabbed some macaroni and downed it! Suddenly, that awful feeling and headache disappeared, then I started finding carb. stuff and just started eating it. Then all the sickness I was experiencing left.

This whole time I thought I was dealing with seizures. I would pray and everything to make it go away and in reality my brain needed sugar! I was trying to eat right, but I found out for my body this is what I have to do. I began to think about this...that is why they have people at the end of meets waiting to wake people up from fainting after a race, they exert so much energy! I thought those tents with all the deserts were more of a reward thing. People told me it was to replenish the body and I was thinking ya..right..we both know that is an excuse for you to eat cookies and bananas because personally I love those things! Until I started experiencing a passing out feeling I didn't realize your body seriously does need that!. Haha then I was like, "whohoo!" I get to eat bagels and cookies! Can running get any better?!

When I run at Boling the ground surface is little pebbles and sand. This was certainly day over overcoming little pebbles on my way to cross a mountain. I don't think when I run from this day forward the gravel under my feet will ever look the same again :-)

Boling Park
4 miles ran 3.5 walked .05!

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