Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13th 2010 Running Blog

"Snow just feels good underneath my feet as I run and leaves evidence that I did it!" - Toni McAlister (a runner)

Yes, I ran in the snow today! I could not find any good quotes about my running experience today, so I made my own :-) My whole family went to Boling Park and I ran but when I was done I had bunches of snowballs waiting to hit me! I welcomed every single one! I was burning hot! I took off my gloves and played in the snow with no coat. The snowballs I ate were most refreshing! Seriously, I had run in layers and they came off with each lap! For some reason today's run was extremely hot, I even wondered, "is this what running in the summer feels like?" I was just really excited about running in the snow and couldn't wait to do it!

After I did my miles, our family went to the other side of the Park and went sledding down the hills :-) We tried to build a snowman but it ended up in pieces, it was more fun to tear it apart and throw huge chunks of snow at each other! We did make some pretty snow angles and as I laid there, I looked up into the sky and it was majestic. The clouds had let sunbeams through and parted enough so I could see the blue sky above them. I was laying in a bed of cold yet feeling the warmth of the sun across my face. The tree's a Boling Park are beautifully decorated when it snows. There is a presence of peace and leaves with it a rewarding experienced.

Boling Park
3 miles, Ran


  1. Toni, I really, really like your blog. Keep it going. It will encourage you to run, which will enourage you to blog, which will encourage you to run...are you seeing a pattern here? -- your humbled father-in-law

  2. Awwww...that is so sweet. I just now ran accross this. "The Court Jester" huh?....PERFECT!! Thanx you :-)