Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26th 2010 Running Blog

"You know your a runner when; You have dreams about showing up to a race late or not wearing any clothes." - Christine Luff

Well tomorrow is the Big Day! Our whole family is doing a 5k at Hobgood Park and I am so excited! We've never done that. I've read and planned our whole "before" race daily menu and focused on being relaxed (if there is such a thing.) I've wrote out all the directions, checked the time three times, checked weather to see if it will change its supposed to be 29* F. I just want to make sure everything goes well and that we are there on time ready to run! Because I have been known to be at the wrong places, times, dates and locations PLUSS it has also been known of me to have naked dreams!!! I do not want that!!

We will be running the "Guns and Hoses" Race. We had to pick between the Guns (Police Dept.) or Hoses (Fire Dept.) and race against the other. Five Dollars of our fee's goes to the one we picked. So Jeremy and Kailah are supporting the Police and Meghan and I are supporting the Fire Men. This is going to be so great! Meghan hasn't really been into running which is perfectly fine however, what doesn't make it perfect is the fact that we're all doing it and she's not! So, I'm running against Jeremy and Kailah but what I really am doing is running with Meghan. I had a goal and that was to not stop in a 5k but this is not the race to do that. So if Meghan wants to walk, we'll walk and if she wants to run we'll run and if she wants to sprint...I'll be her biggest cheerleader!! haha
I pray in Jesus name no naked or late dreams and we will all do wonderful and have a fabtabulous day!!
Did not run today - on purpose!!

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