Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19th 2010 Running Blog

"We may train or peak for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport." - Alberto Salazar

Today is Monday, my long day. I did eight miles. I know that sounds all great and everything but because my left ankle was in so much pain, it started out a walk run that ended up lasting the entire eight miles. Now, the walking was less and less towards me reaching the end of the eight but I'm not proud of them. I even fiddled with my shoes a couple times but when it became numb (hallelujah!) my left hip started hurting. Maybe I slept on it wrong or something? I don't know but now my right heal really hurts, I'm wondering if it is because It had more pressure on it from this morning.

Also, as I was running it felt as if something were pulling on my legs. After about a mile I realized... oh! Something is! My sweat pants were under my heals as I ran. I totally have been procrastinating getting new running shorts and today that procrastination ENDS!! I'll be going to Target or Dicks or something to get them today.

I was trying to encourage myself. Cuz I wanted to push through this thing. But that is when I stopped to walk. I thought my time and distance does not affect a team of people. So, what are you doing? I thought about how Jeremy injured himself and Kailah and I certainly did not want to be the next person in that Dr's office!!

But what I really wanted was to run 13.1 miles then walk out what I couldn't run. However, due to yesterdays weather, I had to take Brandon and Britney home today verses yesterday and so had to back for that. But now with them gone, the late nights and "party all day" (j/j) days not here, its time to get focused again.

Boling Park
8 Miles

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  1. Be careful not to push an injury too far, or it could get bad and you may have to stop running for a while. I would suggest having it checked out. And there is nothing wrong with walking. (o: The Galloway method (run/walk) has been proven to help many people improve their race PR times.