Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31st 2010 Running Blog

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you.” - Wilma Rudolph

Today was good too! I went out to meet with the Foot Hills Running Club and my level of people weren't there. I was thinking, "Did I miss something?" I was there early and there weren't many people. So, I just started running. It was a mental run. But slowly I started seeing more runners and Janet and her family so that is always nice. I guess because I was set on doing four miles with the club that seemed to be all I could do. But there were parts in the run where I paced with people, they didn't know it. I found that I'm better when I run with people. Well, I stretched and sat down drinking and breathing and then I saw our running leader. I jumped up and was like HEY! He was running so I caught up with him. I told him I was there waiting and nobody showed up. He said it was that he didn't get in till after midnight or 1am. From a two week long vacation. He would normally never do that. But he showed up and that's all that mattered to me. It shouldn't have mattered but like I said, it was a "mental"run. Then, guess what!? I stayed in pace with him the entire last mile!! Yep! I realized, I do better when I have someone to run with.

Oh! and guess what else! From January 1st to today July 31st I've run 492.44 Miles!!!! Jesus is King!! The issue for me is that I didn't quit!! I didn't!! I was soooo afraid that this would be some kind of "fling" and I'd do it for a few months and move onto something else....I didn't, I stuck with it and am confident this is apart of my life!! I say this with tears in my eyes because I overcame not  quiting, there were so many times that if I had a bad week I would be scared that I may not go back to that park. Jeremy can testify the tears that came on those days ~ that has been a giant in my life. But it is so true, these miles would not have happened if it weren't for my friends and family cheering me on the whole way, I am so thankful to all of you :-)

Oh ya, I also did a full circuit of weight training on machines! Busy little bee today!

Boling Park
5 Miles :-D

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