Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24th 2010 Running Blog

"Jitters are actually good for a short race. Adrenaline will rev up your engine. Think of it as fuel." - Lucinda Seares-Monica, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist

That is so comforting! I didn't expect me to be jittery before the race! I totally was! I was hoping nobody saw but Jeremy and Meghan did. I didn't know they were watching. But a little ways after I crossed the starting line it went away :-) I was totally praying.

At the 1 mile marker I was like 10:11 but I was so happy cuz I didn't get to start when people did I had to wait in the crowd for people to move forward, also there were lots of people who I almost stopped because they were really slow in a line so I had to wait going around them to clear and what not. Which was totally cool cuz I realized I ran under 10min!! Yeah!!

My over all time was 36:28 Which is longer than my last 5K but I knew that I knew that I knew I did my very best! Even when it came to the pre-race day. Sleeping, Eating, Resting and Drinking...I did the best Toni McAlister has ever done :-) Oh I did experience chest pain and I stopped to walk till it went away...too dangerous for me, but its all good, maybe it was the jittery thing? Oh well, I'm better than what I think I am ;-)

Etowah River Run

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